Omer Soker

The Association Strategist

Omer Soker is a professional speaker and consultant, with a track record of delivering transformational success for associations and corporates.

Omer is the founder of The Future of Associations as a 6-step roadmap to progress, change and influence.

Omer energises association boards and executives with strategies for effective and sustainable growth. He ignites positive behavioural change with staff training workshops and inspires conference audiences with thought-provoking insights.

Omer works with associations, nonprofit organisations, corporates and conference organisers in Australia and internationally.

Strategy & Future Focus Services
1. Association Board strategy days and facilitation.
2. Keynote and inspirational speaking services.
3. Industry workshops and conferences.
4. Staff engagement training sessions.
5. Consulting on strategy and future focus.

Research and Publications
Omer is the author of seven books, including The Future of Associations, The Trust Future and industry-specific publications in travel, hotels, consumer goods, grocery and health. Many of the associations and organisations Omer has worked with in Australia, New Zealand and the Asia-Pacific region use these books as references for sustained growth. He is the head of research for the Australian Associations Research Survey, and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Social Studies (Manchester University).

Omer has worked successfully with many organisations which have used his expertise in the development of strategy and future focus at board and executive levels. His programs and workshops enable associations to tackle disruption and change, refine mission and vision objectives, modernise board and governance structures, accelerate external impact and influence, increase income diversity, engage and grow membership, align internal resources and culture, and develop a sustainable future focus.

Senior Management Roles
Omer has held senior general management roles with global multinationals, and successfully transformed two companies with change management remits, growing them by 136% and 30% respectively within two years.

As CEO, he led an industry association to influence government to overturn a decision in favour of members, negotiate and resolve a member action group’s concerns, win a major commercial battle against a global competitor, broaden the membership to position for growth, launch an online resource to link members with buyers, start an industry knowledge-bank to spread best practice, implement a strategic acquisition to diversify the association, and help the president to reform the constitution and modernise the board structure.

Omer’s experience spans the events, publishing, media, enterprise software, e-commerce, digital technology, conferences, banking, finance, grocery, consumer goods, travel, hotels, resorts, shipping, communications, real estate, motoring, retail and wholesale sectors – as well as association management and nonprofit organisational leadership.

Phone: 0401 099 821