The Association Strategist

Omer Soker is the association strategist. He is the author of The Future of Associations and advises association boards and leaders on how to transform disruption into innovation to create a strategic future roadmap.

As association leaders, we are all faced with market disruption, increasing competition, changing member expectations and uncertainty in government policy.

And yet the demands to achieve success have never been greater, with associations expected to deliver more, with less – and faster. MORE as in Members, Outcomes, Revenue and Engagement.

Omer works with association boards, executive leaders and nonprofit organisations who want to set the benchmark and create a roadmap to progress, change and influence.

He facilitates elevated thinking to evolve strategy and build an innovative future focus. Omer works with associations to unlock new opportunities for members, outcomes, revenue and engagement.

Strategy and Alignment Expertise:

  • Energise Boards – Align boards with elevated thinking to create and execute future focused strategy.
  • Embolden Leaders – Strengthen strategic capability and rigour to accelerate organisational success.
  • Inspire Staff – Unlock productivity to align staff, culture and resources with strategic objectives.
  • Crisis Management – Solutions to every association threat from reputation damage, member action groups, financial distress, competitive challenges and disaster recovery.


6-Step Roadmap to The Future of Associations:

  • Disruption – Associations must evolve if they are to survive and thrive into the future.
  • Mission – Create and communicate absolute clarity of purpose to engage members.
  • Good Governance – You cannot be a modern association without a contemporary board.
  • External Strategy – A businesslike approach is required to increase income, impact and members.
  • Internal Alignment – Look inward for solutions to your greatest challenges.
  • Future Focus – The future is unwritten, and dependent on the decisions you make today.

Before founding The Future of Associations as a 6-step roadmap to progress, change and influence, Omer led a led an industry association to influence government to overturn a decision in favour of members, negotiate and resolve a member action group’s concerns, win a major commercial battle against a global competitor, broaden the membership to position for growth, launch an online resource to link members with buyers, start an industry knowledge-bank to spread best practice, implement a strategic acquisition to diversify the association, and help the president to reform the constitution and modernise the board structure.

Phone: 0401 099 821