Disruption and Innovation

The relationship between disruption and innovation is like Yin and Yang – how opposite forces are actually complementary. You need innovation to create disruption. And there’s nothing like a bit of disruption to force you to innovate against it.

Innovation Yin Yan

Innovation can be either Yin or Yang. Let me explain. Yin is soft, nurturing and sustainable. Yang is hard, fierce and short-lived. Yang innovation is the next big product, service or program launch. Yin innovation is continuous improvement, cultural change and improved efficiency. Both are essential.

Disruption can also be Yin or Yang. Yang disruption is the government cutting your funding, or new competitors stealing your market share and influence. Yin disruption is the momentum of your member needs changing over time, or the quiet resistance of traditional mindsets.

With everything in balance, the ideal market would have an even flow of disruption and innovation. Can anyone show me an ideal, balanced market – I’d love to work in one! It doesn’t exist, does it? We all know the pace of change is relentless. There is no balance. This is what the market actually looks like.

100% Disruption (2)

When Australian associations were surveyed earlier this year, 100% said they are being disrupted – with 47% reporting extreme or high disruption.

So, to push back, you’d imagine 100% of associations would be innovating. Are they? In the same survey, 72% of associations rated themselves as poor or mediocre on innovation. It’s fair to say associations need an innovation roadmap to help them navigate the future.

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