The Future of Associations Book Cover

Thanks to the support of AuSAE and hundreds of Australian association leaders, The Future of Associations is ready to go to press.

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The Future of Associations Book Cover

Cover ‘A’ links disruption and innovation which are two key themes throughout the book, while Cover ‘B’ explicitly outlines the 6-Step Roadmap contained within it. We value your input to choose the best cover, so please email your preference to

Huge thanks to The Australasian Society of Association Executives (AuSAE) for their involvement in this first ever book written specifically for Australian and New Zealand association professionals. AuSAE is the publishing partner, and we are proud to have their logo on whichever front cover you choose. We share an ethos with AuSAE to equip and enable association professionals for the future, and look forward to making this resource available to every CEO, board director and association employee in the sector.

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Hundreds of association leaders shared their case studies, stories, insights and feedback in order to make this book possible. Their names are gratefully included in the long list of acknowledgements below.

Book Synopsis

It usually takes a crisis to ignite real change. This book is a wake-up call that the urgency is now. Associations are being disrupted, competition is increasing, member expectations are growing and government policy is changing. The relevance of associations is under threat.

Omer Soker explores a 6-Step Roadmap to progress, change and influence.

  • Disruption – Associations must evolve if they are to thrive into the future.
  • Mission – Create and communicate absolute clarity of purpose to engage members.
  • Governance – You cannot be a modern association without a contemporary board.
  • External Strategy – A businesslike approach is required to succeed commercially.
  • Internal Alignment – Look inward for solutions to your greatest challenges.
  • Future Focus – The future is dependent on the decisions you make today.

The time is now for associations to tackle the challenges facing them and transform themselves for the future.


I owe a debt of gratitude to so many people who helped bring this book to life.

To Brendon Ward and the AuSAE board, thank you for partnering with me and for your feedback and guidance on the manuscript. We share an ethos of spreading best practice to equip, support and inspire association professionals, and it seems fitting we are bringing this book to market for them together.

To the inspirational leaders whose associations have been profiled in this book, thank you for sharing your stories. Each of your transformational case studies serves as a testimony to your success and as a benchmark for others. I am particularly grateful to Jodie Sangster, Cris Massis, Stephen Durkin, Brent Jackson, Lyn Goodyear, Dr Alice Clark, Michelle Blicavs, Chris Champion, Lloyd Grosse and Angela Palogiannidis. Also to many others who provided their input anonymously.

To Mark Giltinan, Geoff Gwilym, Nati Harpaz, Ori Danielli, Amie Larter and James Lancaster for being my earliest supporters even before the book was fully formed. Your vision that this was a message that needed to be shared with the market helped energise its momentum. To Sandra Cormack for her insights in helping to shape the chapter structure, which also led to the creation of the 6-Step Roadmap. Your introductions to relevant case studies were invaluable. To Marcus Powe who pushed me to refine and focus my messaging, and then some more. Your clarity and simplicity improved my own. To Alison Smith for editing the manuscript and telling me in no uncertain words how to make it better. You added rigour, discipline and precision.

Many other association leaders, nonprofit executives and friends have helped hone my thinking, inspired me on this journey or provided feedback through the Australian Associations Research Survey. In this respect, you have all played a part in the creation of this book.

Special thanks to: Andrew Hudson, Andrew Macauley, Andrew Thornton, Annabelle Danielle, Brad Fox, Brad Sherringham, Brian Jordan, Caroline Argent, Caroline Ward, Catherine Pickett, Charlie Hogg, Cheryl Battaerd, Chris McGeown, Chris Samartzis, Courtenay Brown, Dagmar Parsons, Damian Paull, Dan Haworth, David Braham, David Knowles, Diana D’Ambra, Elizabeth Pickworth, Emma McDowell, Francesca Roland, Francis Child, Gali Blancher, Geoff Barbaro, George Petrenas, Georgia Bowler, Glenda Graham, Graeme Gladman, Graham Catt, Grainne Hogan, James Shaw, Jatinder Kaur, Jeff Hughes, Jen Hannah, Jen McLennan, Jenny Vandyke, Jilly Blanch, Jo Rose, Joel Perricone, Jon Stanfield, Julian Mellick, Kate Dzp, Kate Jordan, Kath Goosens, Kathryn Marshall, Kerrie Lucas, Kirsty Kelly, Lauretta Stace, Lee Tonitto, Lindsay Doig, Lisa Hegner, Lucy O’Flaherty, Luigi De Luca, Marcia Griffin, Marie Kelly-Davis, Martin Thomas, Mary Berman, Melinda Shobrook, Melanie Kealley, Mell Greenall, Michele Goldman, Mike Carmody, Morni Chen, Naomi Dinnen, Nell Harrison, Nick Hill, Nikei Thorpe, Nina Mapson Bone, Patrizia Torelli, Paul Begley, Paul El Dier, Paul O’Callaghan, Peta Moore, Peter Griffin, Peter McDonald, Peter Savige, Phil Butler, Pip Brennan, Rachel Drummond, Richard Dudley, Richard Hogan, Rochelle Martin, Rosanna Arciuli, Rosemary O’Connor, Ross Gage, Sam Hunter, Simon Duckett, Siobhan Hayden, Sophia Mellick, Susie Zhong, Theresa Leong, Therese Jordan, Tom Symondson and Will Myles.

Thanks also to: Alex Aidar, Alex Richardson, Amanda Bresnan, Amanda Hunter, Anna Perdriau, Angie Paskevicius, Ann George, Anna Campagnoli, Asher Newton, Ashleigh Law, Betty Tannous, Belinda Moore, Bernard Lo, Bill Wallace, Bob Browne, Brendan Watkins, Cameron Meiklejohn, Carole-Anne Priest, Carolyn D’Mello, Charles Baker, Chika Anyanwu, Chris Hartley, Chris Hummer, Christian Capper, Christine Reid, Cindy Tschernitz, Clive Haddow, Cristina Schwenke, Craig Johns, Daniel Coulton, Danielle Butcher, Darren Cocks, Dean Brakell, Don White, Duane Findley, Elena Katrikis, Emma McDonald, Emma Wong, Esther Anatolitis, Farren Williams, Gerard Ryan, Glen Hobbs, George Meacham, Glen Harriss, Hannah Pia Baral, Jason Power, Ian Burgess, Ian Coombe, Ian McAlister, Ian Pritchard, Jakki Travers, Jan Rashbrook, Jane Peacock, Janine Pares, Jeanie Crowder, Jeff Rogut, Jon Bissett, John Buskes, John Hughson, Julie Krieger, Katie Lyndon, Katherine Wilkinson, Kelly Anne Lim, Kemal Kim Sedick, Kevin Evans, Kevin Callinan, Kim Kelloway, Kim Wainer, Laura Robertson, Leo Tutt, Linda Martin, Lisa Harvey, Malcolm Little, Maree Jordan, Margaret Leary, Margie Kennard, Margot Streater, Mark Awramenko, Mark Ivanhoe, Martin Tolar, Maryjo Lelyveld, Matt Burrows, Matt Slee, Max Wilson, Melinda Everett, Melissa Wilton, Michael Guo, Michele Kerrigan, Michelle Evans, Mike Harris, Natasha Davis, Nicola Morgan, Nigel Amyes, Paul Bertoli, Perla Soberon-Brittle, Peter Crosby, Peter Mace, Peter Vickers, Philip Bendeich, Preeti Sharma, Rachelle Williams, Ralph Penning, Rebecca Barnett, Richard Stokes, Rebecca Harcourt, Robyn Hunter, Rodney Harris, Roger Stapleford, Ron Lawson, Ross Clark, Sara Andacic, Sean Hubbard, Simon Tatts, Sonje Cronje, Stephanie Blower, Stuart Livingstone, Susan Kreemer Pickford, Susan Currell, Susan Gazis, Susie Richards, Suzie Naylon, Tamsin Jowett, Tom Garcia, Toni Brearley, Toni Wade, Tony Mamo, Tony Sanchez, Tracey Gramlick, Tricia Hughes, Walter Edgar, Wendy La Macchia and Wesley Fawaz.

And, thank you to my darling wife Siobhan Jordan for her constant encouragement and unending patience, as I repeatedly got up in the middle of the night to excitedly write down a new idea.

Here’s to the future of associations!