Omer’s keynotes deliver a thought-provoking, engaging and inspiring perspective on the future of your organisation.

Working with Omer

What sets Omer apart from other speakers is his focus on purpose, trust and authenticity. Omer champions these primary virtues to pinpoint your key requirements and connect meaningfully with your audiences in a uniquely powerful way. Omer’s extensive pre-work and research ensures that every keynote is a bespoke presentation exclusively to meet your needs with real impact, measurable solutions and positive change.

Omer’s performance trinity for every keynote is clarity, measurement and accountability. Prior to going on stage for you, Omer will provide absolute clarity of purpose to engage your audience, key benchmarks to deliver afterwards and the accountability that comes from authentic trust.

What makes a great speaker isn’t just fresh content, high energy and a powerful stage presence. It’s also authentic humility, so that the speaker can address the audience’s unspoken concerns and bring progressive thinking to the fore without resistance. A great speaker brings out the best in the audience, because ultimately it’s all about the audience. Omer understands this, and leaves your audiences feeling empowered to transform the way they do business, and thanking you for a memorable session.

His keynotes inspire elevated thinking by setting the tone to make your event a success.

Speak to Omer to discuss your pre-event needs and objectives

Phone: 0401 099 821

Email: omer@ethicsofsuccess.com.au

“Challenging, inspiring, invigorating; attending Omer’s session has me revisiting not only how I’ve been doing things but delving into why.” Shona Gawel, General Manager Membership, Australian Institute of Food Science & Technology