Omer Soker is a board strategy facilitator.

As association leaders, we are all faced with similar challenges including market disruption, increasing competition, changing member expectations and uncertainty in government policy.

And yet the demands to achieve success have never been greater, with associations expected to deliver more, with less – and faster. MORE as in Members, Outcomes, Revenue and Engagement.

Strategic focus and operational rigour have never been more important. The right strategic plan can make the crucial difference between a good year and a great year. Omer works with association boards and leaders to facilitate smarter strategic plans and boardroom discussions.


How to Facilitate a Better Strategic Plan

Does your current plan for 2018 include the top 10 benefits of a great strategy session?

• One that … gives you clarity of direction.
• Inspires passion and enthusiasm.
• Aligns the board on strategic priorities.
• Identifies the most fruitful opportunities.
• Gives rise to sensitive debate on contentious challenges.
• Reviews what went well and what needs to improve.
• Empowers employee engagement and buy-in.
• Details operational requirements.
• Sets measurable objectives.
• Promises better business results.

Here are three simple steps to make it happen.

1) Use a Professional Facilitator

Engage an association expert who understands strategy to facilitate your meeting. This frees up your board and CEO to focus exclusively on participating and decision-making. An external facilitator brings a systematic approach to unearth your key issues and get the critical information out into the open. Omer keeps the debate motivated on the important topics and provides the non-confrontational objectivity to reduce resistance, align participants and secure buy-in. As a professional facilitator, Omer brings out the best in your board and your leadership team – so you get more done.

2) Set Aside Quality Time

Board time is precious, and you don’t want to waste a minute of it. Set aside quality time either side of your next board meeting for a high-impact 2018 strategy session. What’s right for you may be a half day, a full day or a 2-day session. It depends. The key factor is ensuring the agenda deals with all the strategic areas of importance to maximise your time. Omer will help you develop an effective agenda, and present an inspiring keynote speech to set the tone, energise the session and spark the elevated thinking to make it a success.

3) Set Clear Objectives

The last thing you want is a talk-fest that goes nowhere. You need outcomes. Be clear on the key performance indicators as a result of the strategy session. Discuss this with Omer, who is 100% accountable to deliver them. Measurable objectives give you the confidence to know the session will generate tangible action items. Omer will follow up after the session concludes to ensure your strategic plan is moving forward.

To create a better strategic plan in 2018, speak to the association strategist Omer Soker about a professionally facilitated strategy session, or invite him to your next boardroom discussion.

Omer’s Strategy and Alignment Expertise:

  • Energise Boards – Align boards with elevated thinking to create and execute future focused strategy.
  • Embolden Leaders – Strengthen strategic capability and rigour to accelerate organisational success.
  • Inspire Staff – Unlock productivity to align staff, culture and resources with strategic objectives.
  • Crisis Management – Solutions to every association threat from reputation damage, member action groups, financial distress, competitive challenges and disaster recovery.

Omer’s 6-Step Roadmap to The Future of Associations:

  • Disruption – Associations must evolve if they are to survive and thrive into the future.
  • Mission – Create and communicate absolute clarity of purpose to engage members.
  • Good Governance – You cannot be a modern association without a contemporary board.
  • External Strategy – A businesslike approach is required to increase income, impact and members.
  • Internal Alignment – Look inward for solutions to your greatest challenges.
  • Future Focus – The future is unwritten, and dependent on the decisions you make today.

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