“I gained three key outcomes from Omer’s excellent workshop on the Future of Associations: the opportunity to learn from meaningful engagement with my peers, an introduction to Omer’s 6-Step Roadmap for harnessing the benefits of disruption rather than falling victim to them, and a chance to use this comprehensive framework to reflect on what my organisation is currently doing well and where we can improve. All three outcomes are down to Omer’s skill in structuring the workshop in the first place, and then delivering it so responsively.” Richard Lawrance, CEO, Health Information Management Association of Australia.

“The Association Masterclass was a really great session with some practical follow-up.” James March, CEO, Barossa Grape & Wine Association.

“Omer’s Association Masterclass provided an invaluable framework, based on his 6-Step Roadmap model, for me to address the fundamental challenges, strategies and even the existential questions facing our organisation over the long term. The greatest value was the collective learning based on our varied journeys and challenges.” Martin Sinclair, Membership Manager, Hire and Rental Industry Association.

“Challenging, inspiring, invigorating; attending Omer’s Association Masterclass session has me revisiting not only how I’ve been doing things but delving into why.” Shona Gawel, GM Membership Services, Australian Institute of Food Science & Technology.

“Thank you for your insights into the ongoing development of associations. What was very beneficial for us was that we could benchmark the progress of our changes over the past 3 years against the ‘6-Step Roadmap to Progress’. We all agreed, and were encouraged by our progress and this provides great encouragement to continue further reforms in pursuit of excellence. Thanks again Omer. Brett Mace, CEO, Australian Institute of Building Surveyors.

“The Masterclass was inspiring due to its content and participant interaction. It crystallized my thinking to create a roadmap to resilience. Your 6-Step Roadmap framework is invaluable to engage the board and management in conversations around what really matters.” Leo Tonitto, CEO, Australian Marketing Institute.

“An excellent strategic planning workshop specifically designed for associations, with many takeaways. One paradigm shaking moment for me was the perspective that it doesn’t matter if you are an association or a corporate providing service. What only matters to the member/customer is the value delivered, not who delivers. It was a great day. Thank you.” Sandra Cormack, Manager Strategic Development, Australian Human Resources Institute.

“Omer’s 6-Step Roadmap and governance priorities are essential considerations for the board in respect of setting strategic directions for the success of the organisation in going forward. Variety is the spice of life when a range of organisations are prepared to ‘open up’ on their own experiences. The Association Masterclass was a great day and I hope to do it again.” Paul Naylor, CEO, Master Plumbers Association of NSW.

“I think much was achieved, and while in part due to the outstanding bunch of people we gathered together, I believe it was also attributable to your excellent facilitation. Thank you again for your time (delivering a session to our staff) yesterday. ” Lyn Goodear, CEO, Australian Human Resources Institute.

“The feedback on your presentation at this important strategic event has been extremely positive. The Board expressed a deep satisfaction with your knowledge of association structures and your perspectives on relationships between strategic and more traditional organisational cultures. Your interactive and insightful presentation struck a chord and assisted in broader policy and structural discussions. I thank you for your committed and professional approach and extend our gratitude to you.” Geoff Gwilym, Executive Director, Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce.

“Omer is a thought leader in when it comes to best practice and leadership in the associations and NFP sector, and has a unique presentation style that engages with conference audiences in a very special way. Omer spoke at the 2016 Third Sector Conference on innovation and how to adapt innovative practices into business using real-life examples. His delivery was simple, practical, engaging and entertaining.” Ori Danielli, General Manager, Third Sector.

“Omer’s insights into what the future holds for associations captured the attention of 15 leading association board members and CEOs at our thought leadership roundtable. The engaging presentation inspired attendees to discuss key elements relevant to their businesses. All were able to takeaway insights and ideas to implement from the session, into their own assocoations.” James Shaw, Executive Search Consultant, Six Degrees Executive.

“Omer has spoken at an event we organised for association and industry peak bodies and the feedback was very positive and welcoming. Omer is an amazing speaker, he speaks from the heart and he speaks with passion. I would highly recommend him for any workshop around the future of associations.” Mark Giltinan, Senior Consultant Association & Membership, Beaumont Consulting.

“Thank you so much for a fantastic presentation at the CEO and Chair Symposium. The feedback we are receiving from your session is excellent. Some of the comments from the delegate survey include very motivational, great case study, and very interesting. Thanks too for always being really easy to work with!” Jess Cleary, Events Manager, Associations Forum.

“Omer is a gifted speaker who has the capacity to capture the interest of an audience through his use of intellect, energy and humour. At our annual meeting Omer used the complete alphabet, A to Z, without notes or PowerPoint to highlight and delight the employee audience on 26 separate items required to sustain a market leading position.” George Petrenas, Director, Non Executive Management.

“Omer was inspiring and left the crowd feeling excited to implement the knowledge they’d gained at the event. I highly recommend Omer for events that strive for engaging its audiences on a deeper level.” Andrew Jones, Event Manager, Online Retailer.

“I always found Omer to be thoroughly well prepared to deliver a professional presentation. He has a natural style and often uses varying methods including personally written poems to engage the audience.” Fleur Kearns, HR Director, Reed Exhibitions.

“Omer spoke eloquently and confidently engaging the audience and assisting them with insights and a practical understanding of best practice at our Winning in China conference. We would recommend him as a corporate speaker.” Preecha Sananvatananont, President, RX Greater China.

Omer at TSE 06

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The Trust Future Testimonials

I have known Omer Soker for many years as a man of high ethical standards, trust, integrity and honesty. Omer’s independent thinking and lucid approach to applying ethical principles to enterprise is a breath of fresh air in current business literature. He articulates clear and rational principles that can be practically applied in any corporate environment irrespective of industry, geography or size. From the CEO to the most junior employee, The Trust Future is powerful and rewarding reading. Jon Stanfield, CEO, Horizon Credit Union

Reading The Trust Future was like taking a big, deep breath of fresh air. It challenged and inspired me around my leadership, my relationships and to live my values in all areas of my work. Well researched and full of inspiring stories, Omer bring ethics to life in such a way that you know it’s the most sustainable and long-term profitable approach for any business. Mandy Scotney, Executive General Manager, House of Travel

Omer Soker is a truly inspirational business man who has written a compelling, powerful and thought-provoking book. The time has never been more right for such an intelligent guide-book for both large and small businesses globally. Use the clear and wise direction in this book as a catalyst to propel your business forward in a more sustainable, mindful and rewarding way. Sharon McGlinchey, Winner, Instyle Magazine Woman of Style/Beauty 2010 & Founder, MV Organic Skincare

This book is a road map of how to be a responsible business, and win the community and stakeholder support over your competitors. It will give you peace of mind, add value to your operations and let you know how to ask the right questions. Peter Greenham, Signatory of United Nations Global Compact & Chairman, Australian Organisation for Quality

Managers at all levels will find The Trust Future both a thoughtful and practical guide to leadership and behaving with integrity in complex and challenging environments. Ethical and sustainable business practices increasingly underpin the viability and success of organisations. In The Trust Future, Omer Soker brings together respected research, case studies and examples of best practice, to form a road map for enterprises and individuals to build trust, purpose and performance. Most leaders intrinsically know that happy employees are productive employees. Omer Soker illustrates the veracity of this, together with why it is so, and how ethics and engagement can achieve it. Rosemary O’Connor, Director, Springboard Enterprises

Omer’s book is a new milestone in developing more trust within organisations large or small. We’re at a stage of economic development where further growth has to come from the inside, through increased productivity, better relationships, more synergy. And it can only be achieved with complete and implicit trust at all levels of the modern organisation. Mike Boorn Plener, Business Growth Specialist, TREP Coach

I found the principles in The Trust Future really interesting and an opportunity to pause and reflect on what we do and how we go about doing it. Jeff Rogut, CEO, Australasian Association of Convenience Stores Limited

The Trust Future is a map book. You instinctively recognize some of the landmarks and understand where you should be heading but you still need to check a map to remind yourself of the key details to ensure you reach your destination.” Doug MacColl, Finalist CFO of the Year Awards 2012 and CFO, Reed Exhibitions

Omer was a wonderful leader and mentor to me, and is highly respected by his peers for his integrity and business efficacy. Companies will benefit from listening to him and his ethos. Amelia Coote, Event Manager, Life Instyle

Third Sector Image courtesy Paste Studios