Association Workshops

Elevate Your Thinking, Build Capability & Empower Your Staff

How can association leaders and staff be expected to keep up with the pace of future change and disruption in their sectors, when they are already stretched in their day-to-day roles?

The Future of Associations One-Day Workshops immerse association leaders and staff in an intensive 6-Step Roadmap to progress, change and influence over six power-packed hours in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney.

The Future of Associations Workshops deliver a powerful vision for success across every aspect of association leadership, in six critical modules.

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What attendees will learn in just one day:

1) Disruption – How to tackle disruption head-on and re-set for future success.
2) Mission – How to create and communicate absolute clarity of purpose to engage members.
3) Good Governance – How to modernise board structure, effectiveness and vision.
4) External Strategy – How to succeed commercially beyond your wildest imaginings.
5) Internal Alignment – How to look inward for solutions to your greatest challenges.
6) Future Focus – How to accelerate future focus, strategy and relevance.

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The Early Bird Registration Offer won’t last long, so register today for the workshops while are held in prime conference locations in CBD locations in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney.

  • Brisbane 19 June 2017 – Brisbane Convention Centre, Merivale St (CBD).
  • Melbourne 26 June 2017 – Crown Conference Centre, 8 Whiteman St (CBD).
  • Sydney 30 June 2017 – Beaumont Consulting Conference Facility, 259 George St (CBD).

Early Bird Registration

Workshop Purpose: To build the capability, knowledge and confidence of attendees to navigate change and gain a practical toolkit to transform their associations for future sustainability.
Ideal for: Association CEOs, Nonprofit Board Members, Association Professionals, Association Department Managers, Future Leaders and High Performance Employees.
Inclusions: Comprehensive workbooks, The Future of Associations book, Morning Tea, Lunch, Afternoon Tea.

Exclusive Workshops & In-house Training
The Future of Associations can also run a bespoke workshop exclusively for your association, or in-house training for your staff. Workshop topics include your choice of the six key modules, or a Masterclass in any aspect of association leadership, tailored to your association’s needs.

Enquire today about any of the following Workshop topics:

1) Disruption & Competition
Embracing Change
Disruption & Innovation
Future Relevance
Corporate Sector Competitors
New Commercial Disrupters
Market Disintermediation

2) Mission & Vision
The Power of Purpose
Mission, Vision and Objectives
Stakeholder Alignment
Clarity, Measurement and Accountability
SMART Objectives
Measure the Right Metrics
Member Transparency
Compelling Value Propositions
Strategic Planning
Objectives as Growth Drivers

3) Good Governance
Board Structure
Board Effectiveness
Organisational Structure
Board Size
Skills Matrix
Board Roles & Tenure
Paid & Voluntary Directors
Risk, Strategy & Change
Effective Board Decision-Making
Board & CEO Perspectives
Board-CEO Relationship
Board and Management
Board and Organisational Culture
Risky Board Behaviour
Top Five Tips for Association Boards

4) External Strategy
Member Expectations
Member Engagement
Membership Retention & Growth
Commercial Performance
Competitive Readiness
Business Development
Portfolio Development
Service Orientation
New Product Development
Conferences & Exhibitions
Media & Publications
Online Resources
Advocacy & Influence
Marketing & Communications
Public Relations
Reputation Management
Crisis Management

5) Internal Alignment
Improving Systems & Processes
Empowering & Engaging Staff
Reducing Member Inconvenience
Embracing Technology
Internal Decision Making
Passion into Performance
Core Values
Innovation Mindsets
Organisational Culture
Change Management

6) Future Focus
Accelerating Future Focus
The Association of the Future
How to Create Future Vision
Your Legacy

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